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This section of dock is perfect to start building your dream dock. Whether you are looking to expand your docking system with this straight walkout section or you're just getting started with one peice at a time, it's practical and affordable. Also, this straight section of dock is easy to install and maintain. Additional accessories or other modifications are also easy to add to the dock. This dock is commonly paired with other  sections to create a unique docking system that accomodates to every waterfront landscape. Available in Beige and/or Gray. A Product of CanDock.


Product Specifications:

W: 3 Cubes (4 ft 9 in)

L: 13 Cubes (20 ft 7 in)

H: 1 Cube (1 ft 2 in)

Wt Capacity: 5850 lbs / 2650 kg


Product Compostion:

  • 35 G2 Cubes
  • 24 G2 Connecting Pins
  • 24 Sliding Nuts
  • 28 Ext Lug Connector & Nuts
  •  4 G2 Cube Posts
  •  4 Spacers
  •  4 PVC Pipe Covers and Fittings
  •  4 Piles 2 7/8'' X 0.120 GALVANIZED

Dock Walkout - 20ft

SKU: D0011
  • Dimensions: 20.58 ft (13 Cubes) x 4.75 ft (3 Cubes) x 1.2 ft (1 Cube)

    Material/Composition: High-density polyethylene resin

    Surface: Anti-skid

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