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The JetSlide has been specially designed to evenly distribute the watercraft’s weight, thus preventing any excessive pressure on the hull. Assembled with no moving parts that are easily damaged or that require regular maintenance, the JetSlideis made of new-generation plastic. The result is a top-quality product that features cutting-edge technology. The JetSlide is both lightweight and resistant to impact, chemical products, UV rays and weather variations. Because of its foam-filled interior, it will remain afloat, even under the worst conditions. This JetSlide package includes a second row of dock to ensure extra room to navigate around a docked watercraft, as well as corner docks for a refined dock look. This specific layout is designed primarily for small PWCs and Jetskis. Availiable in Beige and Gray. A Product of CanDock.


Product Specifications:

W: 4 Cubes (6 ft 4 in)

L: 8 Cubes (12 ft 8 in)

H: 1 Cube (1 ft 2 in)


Product Compostion:

  • 18 G2 Cubes
  • 15 G2 Connecting Pins
  •   5 Sliding Nuts
  • 18 Ext Lug Connector & Nuts
  •   1 JetSlide
  • 40 Spacers


SKU: D0031
  • W: 4 Cubes (6 ft 4 in)    L: 8 Cubes (12 ft 8 in)    H: 1 Cube (1 ft 2 in)

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